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With many pressing concerns with managing the day-to-day operations who has the time to recruit for new talent? We do. Our #1 Priority is to leave you free to focus on your customers, sales and growth.

Get All the Help Your Business Needs

You can hire one of our qualified professionals on a regular weekly, or monthly basis, or just for help with special projects whenever they come up. You'll only pay for the work you need, when you need it.

Get The Help You Need, When You Need It.

  • Virtual Staffing​
  • Direct Hire Placements
  • Human Resource Support
  • Conference Rooms

Why Hire a Virtual Staffing Professional?

  • They are accessible whenever you need them.
  • Get personalized services to suite your business needs.
  • Not responsible for taxes, holiday, benefits and etc.
  • We provide all the virtual tools to manage your virtual employee.
  • Cut your costs at almost 50% compared to traditional hires.

Why use a Direct Hire Placement?

  • You are only charged on a contingency fee basis.
  • Saves you time & money: recruiting, advertising, pre-screen and interview.
  • Avoid making costly hiring mistakes: We will recruit for those hard to fill positions.

Need Human Resource Support?

Every business needs someone to manage hiring, employee retention, training, and making sure they are in compliance with HR Laws. At PMR-Solutions we will act as your Human Resource Center by managing:


  • Staff Training & Support (Refresh & Enhance employee knowledge, Increased Productivity, Job Satisfaction)
  • Compliance (EEOC Enforcement, I-9, State and Federal labor laws)
  • Hiring Process (On boarding, Background Checks, Payroll Processing, Unemployment, and etc.)


Anywhere, Anytime...GLOBALLY!

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